I have been isolated in a school-like environment surrounded by lecturers and other creatives-not knowing what the actual design world would be like. It is a new and large world to me, with other creatives on the rise and larger designers to compete with. 

So after having finished university and making a small name for myself in the design community, I've sought to personally create a new identity (what a perfect time to be a designer), something unique, something different, new, exotic. As I know that other designers have a certain look I wanted mine to reflect my favourite kind of work, and the works I would like to pursue in the future. 


Pink: A sign of comfort and hope, and that everything will be okay. Freelancers usually don't have a specific brand for themselves I've found, they usually use black and white, but I really wanted to set myself apart from others and become easily recognisable using a new colour, icons, lines, patterns, etc. 

This new branding reflects my new style of work as I have improved since university and am constantly trying to improve myself... and my personality -  I like to make my clients feel as comfortable as possible so we can configure a final resolution.